Seleh Notes pages

seleh-notes-bannerWelcome to the new Seleh Notes pages

The December issue of Seleh Notes celebrates the wayang weekend held in September at London’s Southbank Centre, together with the Symposium on The Role and Development of Gamelan in Europe.

Articles include:

red-bullet Dancing out of Bali
John Coast and the tour of 1952
by Laura Noszlopy

red-bullet Good Vibrations – four years on
The Good Vibrations prison project
by Cathy Eastburn

red-bullet The Musical Stonemason
A Cumbrian Wayang
by Chris Stones

red-bullet Reflections on Gamelan in Europe
by Matthew Isaac Cohen

red-bullet Virtual Gamelan Graz
by Rainer Schütz

Seleh Notes includes a brief article on Gamelan in Graz and the Virtual Gamelan Graz. Rainer Schütz has written a more detailed article describing the progress of the Virtual Gamelan Graz which is available in pdf format.
See the Virtual Gamelan Graz page.