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The Seleh Notes Library

Seleh Notes is the magazine of the UK Gamelan Network and, since the first issue in 1993, it has included many great articles.

The Seleh Notes Library is a specially chosen selection of items covering a wide range of topics including music, dance, wayang and gamelan in education.

We are delighted to make these articles available on the UK Gamelan Network website with, in many cases, colour illustrations.

A brief history of gamelan

By Tim Byard Jones
Seleh Notes Volume 2 Number 2

Central Javanese dance

An introduction by Jo Shaw
Seleh Notes Volume 6 Number

Exploring for Nonesuch

By Robert Brown
Seleh Notes Volume 10 Number 3

Topeng – Masks of Central Java

By Jo Shaw
Seleh Notes Volume 1 Number 2

Wayang Puppets

A spotters’ guide

By Tim Byard-Jones
Seleh Notes Volume 4 Number 1